Why Kindred?

Get Set Up in Seconds

In less than 30 seconds, you can create your account, invite your family members, and be on your way. No need to bother with loads of configuration and setup.

Notifications Keep It Simple

Kindred notifies you as your family members move about their day, so you’re not waiting for an app to load to get the latest updates. Peace of mind at a glance.

Free for a Limited Time

As a thank you to the early users of Kindred, we’ve made Kindred completely free. Your feedback will help us make Kindred the best it can be so send your thoughts our way.

Notification Screenshot

How Does It Work Exactly?

When a family member arrives or departs a location, Kindred notifies the rest of the family. Want to see where your whole family is right now? Open the family map for an overview of each family member’s current location.

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